Introducing The New Simms Flyweight Collection

Because Fish Aren't Coming To Find You

The new Simms Flyweight Collection is a fully-featured fishing system that bends tradition in favour of faster, farther pursuits. With performance-driven fabrics, an athletic fit focused on lightweight breathability, and an integrated 5.11® HEXGRID® organisation system, the Flyweight Collection provides unmatched modularity for the angler looking to truly customise their kit. Continuing on from the groundbreaking evolution of the Simms Flyweight boot, the full range is built on the essence of combining speed, comfort and movement.

A huge part of the story is the Flyweight pack range featuring a new multi-angle load-bearing platform via a partnership with 5.11 ® HEXGRID®. This patented system utilises military-style web platforms (PALS/MOLLE) and is featured on the Flyweight waders and Flyweight technical fishing equipment. With three backpacks to choose from ranging across a 30L load-carrying beast, the hyper-functional pack vest, and the packable Access pack, you’re not going to run short of options to choose from to carry gear on your back.

5.11 Tactical Technology For Your Next Fishing Mission

5.11 Tactical Hex Grid For Simms Fishing

What is Hexgrid?

HEXGRID® is 5.11®'s unique patented multi-directional modular tactical gear system. End users are no longer restricted to arranging their gear in simple up and down patterns. They can now tailor their kit loadouts with HEXGRID's 12 angles of attachment for smooth ergonomic access that aligns with their individual body movements. Mag and utility pouches, specialised gear, you name it, HEXGRID ensures your gear access will be smooth, natural and instant.

What Is Molle?

Don’t let the friendly sounding name fool you. MOLLE, which stands for "modular, lightweight load-carrying equipment," means business. Rows of heavy-duty nylon fabric called PALS, short for "pouch attachment ladder system," are stitched on backpacks and rucks, load-bearing vests, and other gear so you can easily attach MOLLE pouches and accessories to your equipment for secure, adaptable on-the-go access.


Simms Flyweight Waders

The Flyweight Stockingfoot Waders lead the collection with a thoughtfully designed accessory system for gear on the go, lightweight yet durable, and best-in-class Gore-Tex fabric for dry performance.

Simms Flyweight Gore-Tex Waders

Simms Flyweight Jacket

The Flyweight Shell Jacket is the lightest, waterproof-breathable shell jacket in the Simms range and introduces the much loved and upgraded Gore-Tex Paclite Plus fabric.

The Simms Flyweight Gore-Tex Shell Jacket

Simms Flyweight Access Jacket

With an open Power Grid™ Fleece back, the Flyweight Access Jacket provides warmth to fight the morning chill yet has the breathability you want for venturing into the backcountry and beyond.

Simms Flyweight Access Jacket

Simms Flyweight Wading Boots

If the call of high mountain streams and the path less traveled ring true for you, our Flyweight Boot offers an incredibly lightweight design to help you answer the high-mountain call.

Simms Flyweight Wading Boot


Simms Women's Flyweight Wading Boot


Simms Flyweight Wading Socks

Simms' Flyweight Neoprene Wading Socks are fine-tuned for performance across a swath of environmental alter egos.

Simms Flyweight Neoprene Wading Sock

Simms Flyweight Mesh Cap

Simms' most breathable, packable cap brings effortless comfort to your high-output backcountry pursuits.

Simms Flyweight Mesh Cap Black


Simms Flyweight Mesh Cap Dark Moon


Simms Flyweight Back Pack

Simms' go-to, do-everything fishing daypack is perfect for afternoon missions or full-day excursions and includes external 5.11® HEXGRID® webbing for a customisable carry solution.

Simms Flyweight Back Pack

Simms Flyweight Pack Vest

Simms Flyweight Pack Vest

Head into the backcountry with Simms' performance driven, low-bulk Flyweight Pack Vest. This is a carry solution designed to fit more like a garment than a pack and offers easy access to essential fishing gear.

Simms Flyweight Access Pack

The Flyweight Access Pack stuffs into its front pocket to conserve space and shave weight while riding in your luggage or boat bag, transforming into a versatile, full-featured backpack for anglers on the move.

Simms Flyweight Access Pack

Simms Flyweight Hip Hybrid

Fine-tune your carry-kit for tactical success with the fishing utility system that knows no limits. The Flyweight Hip Hybrid system is built to offer the key essentials for walk-wade anglers in a customisable configuration.

Simms Flyweight Hip Hybrid System

Simms Flyweight Tech Belt

Modular customisation meets walk-wade sensation, the Flyweight Tech Utility Belt offers key lumbar support and delivers a full range of carry solutions for active anglers.

Simms Flyweight Tech Utility Belt

Simms Flyweight Large Pod

The compression-molded Flyweight Large Pod conveniently docks with Flyweight carry systems or serves as a standalone hip pack for housing an arsenal of fly boxes, tippet spools, tools and more.

Simms Flyweight Pod Large

Simms Flyweight Small Pod

The compression-molded Flyweight Small Pod conveniently docks with Flyweight carry systems and delivers the ultimate in lightweight, minimalist storage.

Simms Flyweight Small Pod

Simms Flyweight Net Holster

Net fish all day with the multi-directional holster that docks with Flyweight carry systems.

Simms Flyweight Net Holster

Simms Flyweight Bottle Holster

Hydrate at will with the Flyweight Bottle Holster that accommodates a full day's worth of liquids and conveniently docks with Flyweight carry systems.

Simms Flyweight Bottle Holster

Simms Flyweight Technology

The options and combinations of what you can run with on the river feel limitless when you employ the additional pods and accessories and set them up to your angling requirements for the day. The Flyweight waders and equipment provide anglers with the opportunity to mount pods, accessories, and other gear at different angles for smooth ergonomic access and personal preference.

Modular but not redundant, the Flyweight collection offers unprecedented custom-carry solutions.