Brumby's Creek | Tasmanian Fly Fishing Spots


Brumby's Creek is a tailrace fishery located 40 minutes south of Launceston, near Cressy in northern Tasmania.

Fed by water released from the Great Lake, Brumbys is a mixture of flowing and broad-waters held behind three weirs. The water is always cold and clear, with the best fishing found during rising water and when running at high levels.

Unfortunately, in recent years flows have been prone to more fluctuation since the establishment of the Basslink power scheme. While rainbows are present, brown trout dominate with fish of up to 4lb not uncommon.

The use of small boats is permitted on Weirs 1 and 3.


Brumbys is worth a visit from opening day, but feature fishing is from September to March.


  • Brumby's is a wonderful hatch driven fishery and one of the best polaroiding waters in the state. Tailing fish can be found throughout the season, but the most reliable fishing being from September to April, with dawn the best time.
  • November signals the start of prolific early morning caenid hatches, followed by larger mayfly and red and black spinners throughout the day. December brings wonderful caddis hatches, with grasshopper fishing in later in summer below the bottom weir. Hatches of caddis and mayfly continue to run through to March.


The ‘Top Weir’ (number one) is the feature area for fly anglers. Access is from driving down Fisheries Lane, or by walking up from the road bridge via weir 2. The area known as the ‘Duck Pond’ is a great place to hunt fish chasing adult damsel flies and mayfly spinners. Walking from the car park along the Untouchable Shore to the Duck Pond will cover some great water.

During high flows, Bonds Flat and Side Alley on the western shore provide wonderful fishing (need to be reached via boat or by walking from road via weir 2.

Boat anglers are spoilt for choice with endless channels and flats to explore. The Big Water all the way through to the Duck Hole can be accessed via boat and provide endless opportunities.

Brumbys Lake Tasmania Fly Fishing Map

Map of access points by IFS Tasmania


A 4wt rod rigged with a WF floating line is perfect for most fishing situations on Brumbys Creek. Leaders of 12 to 15ft in length and tippets of 2 to 4lb will catch fish. The Scott G Series is the perfect fly rod for this fishery!


Wet Flies

Thes should include Stick Caddis, Black and Peacock, Fur Fly, Nymphs and if you get desperate Woolly Buggers.

Dry Flies

These should include Red and Black Spinners, Shaving Brush, F Fly, Dun patterns, Black Parachute, Royal Wulff, Damsel Fly and Caddis.

Manic Fly Collection Must Haves

Stick Caddis

Wikes Siddac

Quill Spinner

Possum Dun

CDC Thorax Dun Dark

Palmered Spinner Orange

Adult Damsel

Quill Klink