Friday Fly Day - The Crystal Chironomid

As springtime fast approaches, the lake edge fishing starts to ramp up and still, or slow water of any kind generally favours chironomids. Midge larva are a main event on most stillwaters and so we always like to keep a few cutting edge patterns on hand. New for 2020 is our Crystal Chironomid in both red/black, and tan. An epoxied pattern designed to slip easily through the water column, both colourways are available in a slim size 16.

Crystal Chironomid Red / Black

Crystal Chironomid Tan

Fished singularly to sighted cruisers, fished deep beneath an indicator or fished as part of a three fly team on a slow, figure 8 retrieve these are flies designed to catch fish. A great complement to our Rowley’s Clearwater Pupa, Chans PT Chironomid and the ever popular Rob’s Redhead Midge, keep your stillwater game strong with these new additions to the Manic Fly Collection.