Manic Monday - Das Boat Ep4

The Meateater "Das Boat" series has been a pretty cool concept to follow but if you haven't seen it yet then make sure to dive in at episode one to follow the story properly. This episode sees familiar fly fishing legend and Scott Fly Rod ambassador, Frank Smethurst, taking control of the rig and chasing a few bass with his good friend, who also has the best name in the world, Mustache Rob.

"Returning to a favorite fishing spot from your past can be a questionable choice. What if it’s not as good as you remember? What if everybody and their sister started fishing your spots? What if you’re not as good as you remember? In this episode of Das Boat, Frank Smethurst and his old friend Mustache Rob circle back to some of their old favorite stomping grounds on the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia. They catch some of the many native sport fish in this archetypical southern river, and set their sights on the east coast’s most sought after migratory game fish—stripers. Along the way, Das Boat gets a major upgrade, and they discuss the Georgia-South Carolina rivalry, southern roots, Bartram’s Bass, and the intertwined history of Augusta and the Savannah River."