Manic Monday - Das Boat Ep1

The 12ft tinny is an NZ insitution so this series from the crew at Meateater should resonate with a lot of you out there who have pimped out a little aluminium boat into a fully fledged fishing weapon.

"In the first episode, Steve purchases Das Boat out of a backyard in central Texas then takes it to a local fabricator and spends a day trying to make sure it’ll float. He and Texas fishing icon, JT Van Zandt chase redfish down on the coast, taking Das Boat into skinny saltwater it’s definitely never seen before. They end the day in JT’s kitchen cooking up a spread of blackened redfish tacos and sipping a little tequila. Along the way they discuss tribalism, the benefits of artificial lures vs. dead bait, the serviceability of redfish flesh, and the closest thing to a chicken thigh you can find on a fish."