Friday Fly Day - Make Hare Great Again

To many these days, hare fur flies such as the Hares Ear Nymph and Hare and Copper are seen as uncool. They’re traditional, and heavily replicated and yet these flies form the basis of some of the most effective all round fly selections, worldwide. For many, these flies are the top producers year in and year out.

Hares fur has great properties include being easy to dub, making it a great choice for the home tier, it’s soft and full of movement making it a great choice full stop. Spiky, leggy guard hairs just look cool.

Hare fur is at home on nymphs as it is on film flies / emergers, streamers and dries. It is a durable material that simply imitates what trout eat.

Tie them slim to sink fast, bulky to drop slower through the water column, in larger sizes or dropped down to imitate the smallest of mayfly. Throw in as much flash or as little flash as the situation calls for. Add beads of different colours to get the result..

But hey, they’re hare fur nymphs. You don’t want to tie them, but you sure want to use them so check out the Manic essential Hare’s Ear range to keep you in fish this coming season.

Death Metal Hares Ear

Hare and Copper

Hares Ear Flashback

OTB Hare and Copper

GTB Hare and Copper

RTB Hare and Copper

BTB Hare and Copper