Kiwi Nymphing Clinic – Whanganui River

Saturday 21st November warmed up with a quick meet and greet near the Turangi Coffee Kart then a fly over the saddle to “T” town for our first Kiwi Nymphing clinic held on the Whanganui river. The aim, to help anglers better understand the methods involved in what we call Kiwi Nymphing or as you may have heard it Czech or Euro nymphing.

The basic principles were demonstrated firstly by Johnny Gummer, previous NZ Team Member and then myself covering everything from the pickup lobbing the fly, rod angles, reading the wader, and working through the basic setups that we had pre rigged for everyone. Enthusiastic anglers came from Piopio, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland all with a range of angling experience and all hooked fish using this technique. The basic principles were using 10 foot and more rods with specialist light leader setups to practise good line control and contact.

We met up midday after the morning session for debrief and roadside BBQ. Everyone had picked up the basics really well and finished the day off with a ton of new knowledge. As fishing guides this is not the only method we endorse yet deadly effective in the right conditions and adds another (string) on one's fly rod (bow). For an action packed day out on the water to learn some cool new stuff contact Pro-Guides direct:

Rob Vaz

Johnny Gummer