Pure Fly NZ Free Screening - Trophy Triumphs

Tune in to our Facebook Page next Monday the 30th of November at 8pm (Melbourne time) for this special free Australian screening of Pure Fly NZ season three, episode two "Trophy Triumphs".

Pure Fly NZ

The New Zealand trout season of 2020 was one of the best years for big trout in living memory, a beech tree masting event in the preceding twelve months led to a massive mouse plague that the trout took full advantage of. Trout of exceptional sizes were regularly caught across most of the South Island. Veteran fishing guides Mike Kirkpatrick and Hans Kreuer journey to a famous river in North Canterbury that has been producing a lot of big brown trout. The results are mind-blowing even for these seasoned anglers.

It'll be great to get all of the crew together again to watch this mind blowing episode online at once and we can't wait to see what you guys and girls will have to say in the comments!