King Tide Salt Fly Rattle Popper

Most people like a little action on top every now and then and this fly is no different. Engineered to excite even the fussiest of fish it makes for great visual fishing and aggressive topwater eats.

The hollowed body creates a great bubble trail and gives a silhouette against the sky for fish to track. The longer bushy tail fibers help anchor the fly in the surface and stop those annoying skips and leaps. Fish it with a 7-8ft length of Hatch flouro and Airflo flatsmaster, the inter tip line pulls the fly under and ensures a good audible chug. A “pop and stop” retrieve will get good results, don’t be afraid to stall the fly for a good few seconds every now and then, the internal rattle will still be clicking away, giving pelagic predators another reason to seek and destroy the fly.

Finished with a classic fighter pilot shark mouth it will make you feel a little more bad ass sending this one into battle. Go and grab a few today, topwater war has been declared.

Want to learn more? Then book a day on the water with Lucas at King Tide Salt Fly and do it all first hand.