Friday Fly Day - Killer Tasmanian Dries

Spring means the dry fly action really hots up on both rivers and lakes here in Tassie. A couple of patterns that I have been having a lot of success with lately are the Quill Klink and Quill Spinner Rusty. I am a big fan of dry flies that sit ‘low’ in the water, and fish them a lot!

Quill Klink

Klinkhammer patterns are renowned fish catchers, and the Quill Klink is a ripper. Available is sizes #12 -#16, this great little fly works a treat on both rivers and lakes. A real feature for me is the fluorescent orange hot spot on the tail. Fluorescent orange would have to be one of my favourite colours to incorporate on flies, it just pulls fish!

The Quill Klink in size #16 has been deadly on rivers for fussy ‘sippers’, and blind searching slower runs. Its slim body enables the fly to ‘hang’ in the water column quickly, making it very easy for fish to see from below (flies that hang in the water can be easier for fish to see than ‘true’ dries that ride high. Pop a few in a glass and see!) while the Hi-vis post makes keeping track of your fly easy, even in low light.

On the lakes this fly has proved a real winner for tailing fish. Again, the fact that this fly ‘hangs’ helps fish notice it when foraging in the shallows. Cast with a gentle ‘plop’ to grab a fish’s attention, the Quill Klink in size #14 has been a real winner this year for me chasing tailers at Little Pine and out West.

The Quill Klink in all its glory

Quill Spinner Rusty

The Quill Spinner Rusty has been my ‘go to’ pattern for Red Spinner feeders for the last couple of seasons. Places like Four Springs, Talbots and Penstock Lagoon have prolific Red Spinner hatches, and I would not want to be on any of these waters without a few of these little beauties in my fly box.

Again, being a parachute style of fly, it sits low in the water which I like. The fly floats very well, and with the help of the CDC post the fly can quickly be made buoyant again after catching a fish.

The fly works well fished alone chasing individual fish, or as part of a team when fishing loch style. Fished as part of a Shaving Brush and Quill Spinner combination, it should see plenty of fish come to the net!

The Quill Spinner Rusty size #12 is a perfect size to use on still waters, while the smaller #14 was great late last season on the lower Macquarie River. Do yourself a favour and grab a handful!

The Quill Spinner Rusty - Oh so delicious

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