Friday Fly Day - Windy Day Flies

So what about that wind of late? Not only do windy days present the obvious casting issues, but also presentation problems as mending and aerial line control become difficult. You’re likely to achieve less accuracy in such conditions and so you want flies with enough profile and 'wow factor' to move the fish, and may not put the fish down if they drag.

Manci BTB Nosebleed

BTB Nosebleed - because you should always have one on your rig.

Manic Silly Stone Brown

Manic Silly Stone Green

Silly Stone, Green and Brown - have good profiles in a size 10 and enticing movement through rubber legs. One of my favourite nymphs to swing in front of fish.

Manic Death Metal Hares Ear

Death Metal Hares Ear - in big sizes like 10 and 12 give you a weighted option and imitate a host of fodder.

Davis' Stonefly – just look at it, all the boxes are ticked.

If opting for dries you need to choose something with little wind resistance. Big, fluffy wulff’s and blowflies are notorious for catching every little bit of wind and so when it's howling, look for more streamlined patterns.

Manic Para Dad's Favourite

Para Dads Favourite – it’s just buggy. A great indicator dry and highly visible, once on the water it sticks, unlikely to be blown across the surface.

Manic True Beetle

Manic Classic Cicada

True Beetles, Cicadas and other dense patterns - to bowl through the breeze

Manic Mirfs BLT Dry Black

Manic Mirfs BLT dry brown

Mirfs BLT Brown and Black - For when you need a little more hi viz in glary conditions.

Dores bonus tips:

Try using an 8' floating polyleader and two to three feet of tippet to your dry. These whip out anything and on windy days, the slightly heavier drop of this rig will go unnoticed.

Airflo 8ft Clear Floating Poly Leader

If you still need that something extra to turnover that dry, attach a small, dense bead headed nymph such as a Hooligan on a short dropper beneath your dry. The inertia of your nymph may just provide the tension needed to improve turnover of your dry at those crucial final moments.

Manic Hooligan Brown

You’re welcome!