10.25lb trophy brown for Ronan Creane and the Airflo Bandit

Telly star and great human Ronan Creane celebrates a 10.25lb monster taken on a reccy mission (accomplished) using the Airflo Bandit 6wt fly rod. He's Irish too so it's been a good few days for him all round! Follow Ronan's fishing missions with friends and clients HERE.
Ronan Creane Sexy Loops Trophy Trout
"I spent the last 3 days exploring water in the never ending quest to keep my finger on the pulse of NZ fly fishing.. I learned 2 places not to go back to, at least not to guide on and 1 place that requires some more attention! I saw one fish which I got.. 10.25lbs! Elation is the only word I can think of to describe how it felt to land that fish.. after walking for 6 hours through hell terrain and not making a cast until 4.30pm, it was deserved!"