Friday Fly Day - The Humble Green Caddis

Despite common perception, it’s not all glo bugs and streamers here in winter, especially on brighter days in our gin clear waters. We all know that trout feed the majority of the time on small, dark naturals but what if you need an alternative?

Enter the green caddis...

When mayfly wash out in floods, hydropsyche larvae are secreted in cocoons in the crevasses in rocks, thus survive. Caddis often become the major food source in the weeks following flood events to the point where often in the name of efficiency, trout lock on.

Aggressive water is where caddis patterns can excel as naturals wash off with the force of the flow, and when there is little mayfly activity in the subsurface drift in cooler conditions / early morning you can bet there are still a few caddis available.

Free living caddis are also an abundant food source in winter as they will still appear in the drift in decent numbers. A morsel you should not be without an imitation or two of...

BTB Killer Caddis Green

Korbays Czech Nymph

Quill Caddis