Friday Fly Day - The Effectiveness Of Fly Fishing With Streamers

Trout like meat, and that’s a fact not lost on us here at Manic. However before you tie on that huge chunk of feather and fur there are a few considerations to take into account to ensure your streamer session is as effective as can be.

First consider your location. Most streamers will work well wherever fish will swim however bullies and smelt patterns may be more effective in the tidal estuaries than they are high up in the headwaters, and likewise that mammoth Pearl Necklace May be a little too much for that calm, high country backwater.

Galloup's Pearl Necklace

Now what is your strategy? Are you looking to target fish feeding on baitfish, active and out and out, or are you trying to get an aggressive attack response from dormant fish, or those taken to cover? Feeding the fish, or want to pull them aggressively make them attack?

Size matters. In discoloured flows or when targeting dominant, predatory fish a large Sex Dungeon will always be my go to but in very clear water or on fish that may be a little wary, a Mr Glister, woolly bugger or similar may be more appropriate.

Sex Dungeon Black

Dore's Mr Glister

The action of your streamer plays a bit part of your success also. Consider the materials incorporated in the tie. Marabou, rabbit and the likes provide mega movement but there are times when a more rigid pattern such as a Killer style tie will get the eat. The action you impart too via stripping, pulsing the rod tip, swinging across current or pitching upstream should be considered also.

Hamill's Killer

I feel the colour of your streamer, and any accents are rather important. A lake day with Rob Vaz recently showed the fishes strong preference for brown buggers over olive on the day. Do you want a dark, strong silhouette or a bright, hi viz pattern? How much flash do we want for the water / light conditions?

Big, heavy streamers can be a chore to cast, but do we need a lot of weight in that fly? Even in the deepest of pools, fish will feel and see the pulsing of materials and the movements of a big streamer and come up near the surface to eat. If you require a deeper retrieve, consider letting that fly sink, or maybe employ a sink tip such as the Airflo Streamer Max to get the job done. Sometimes a bead or cone head is required to get the job done, and an application of Loon Deep Soft Weight can give it that extra punch. Remember to cast elliptical and maintain tension throughout the cast.

Streamers are as at home in clear flows as they are in dirty water in river, stream, Stillwater or estuary environments.