Friday Fly Day - Keeping The Other Half Happy

Approaching week four of lockdown and you’re if anything like myself, your fly tying vice has had one heck of a workout. Nymphs, streamers and all sorts of fur and feathers have been thrown about in the quest to tie that ultimate fly. The issue with marathon tying sessions however is the amount of offcuts and excess material, as well as stray hooks that fall from the bench, which even after a good vacuuming still seems to turn up in the damndest places.

Scenario 1:

You may have done your daily chores then rewarded yourself by churning out a dozen woolly buggers, however by the time your partner gets back from their walk it looks as if the carpet, couch and cat has been hit by a nuclear bomb with feather, fur, fluff and bottle caps everywhere. Here’s a handy accessory from C&F Design to help keep your offcuts contained and save on post tying clean-up time.

The CFT-190 Magnetic Dust Pocket connects to your vice stand via a powerful neodymium magnet and is the perfect receptacle to catch and contain your fly tying wastage. Simply twist the frame to remove from your vice and empty.

Scenario 2:

It’s Sunday morning and the other half is midway through their Les Mills body combat class in the living room. You hear a loud scream leading you to instantly process two thoughts - either they’ve put out their back, or found those wee size 14’s you dropped when that box of hooks fell from the bench the other day. Do you go check? That’s up to you...

C and F Hooks Pallet CFT 30: Sports & Outdoors

The CFT-30 Magnetic Hook Pallet not only keeps your hooks all readily at hand, organised and accessible, but the magnetic base keeps hooks much more secure and less likely to drop out than your messy cluster of plastic hook boxes. With 12 compartments you can keep all the essentials at the ready and the slimline construction makes the C&F Design Magnetic Hook Pallet very stackable and easy to store.

Nail knot tool, nail knot connection how to leader to fly line connection fly fishing

Got sausage fingers? Simply use the CFA-11 3-in-1 Nail Knot Pipe with its magnetic tip for easy hook selection and pickup.

Here’s a revisit of a clip we put together a while back to help you to both create more mess, but also one of our most effect streamer patterns.