C&F Fly Tying Accessories


CFT-1000 Marco Polo Fly Tying System


  • 2 point screw locking jaw with precision adjustment to accommodate #32 to #5/0 hooks.
  • Full rotary jaw.
  • Magnet is installed on the top surface of arm-locking screw as hook/fly retainer.
  • Bobbin hanger installs at arm-locking screw.

CFT-190 Magnetic Dust Pocket


  • It has magnet to install. It is very easy to install, uninstall and clean the pocket.
  • Color : DG

C&F design fly tying caddy

CFT-175 Rotary Tool Caddy

This is a sweet little tool caddy for holding all of your tools, threads and tinsels and a few flies as you tie them.

C&F Design Fly Tying Fish Eye CFT-10

CFT-10 Fish Eye

  • Useful to check your fly's floatation from beneath.
  • Simulated fish window based on the theory of refraction angle of water and air.
  • Color:C

 C&F Design Fly Tying Fly Wheel Epoxy Fly Drier CFT-210

CFT-210 Fly Wheel – Epoxy Fly Drier

  • After applying the epoxy to your fly then simply set fly into the slotted foam
  • The wheel rotates maintaining an even coating of the epoxy on the outside of your fly.....pretty cool!
  • Battery operated (not included) batteries last about 150 hours