Friday Fly Day - Jig Head Pheasant Tail

Pure weight and fish catching mojo, this is a fly you need in your selection. It has been a staple on my rig this week in Turangi but I can really see its use on my local Southern waters.

It will get deep fast so your fly is in the zone from the get-go, is great for getting down immediately behind steep drop offs and if you lose your focus, you only need to be thwacked in the back of the head once by one of these puppies to never lose concentration again. We asked Te Atatu why it’s her first choice for the Central Plateau rivers right now...

“It’s my safe option. I generally use these on different rivers and fish just take to it. Andrew Burden told me to use it, and he’s usually right”.

So pack a couple of Jig Head Pheasant Tails in your patch to better hit those hard to reach fish.