Friday Fly Day - Hot Flies For Your Hot Box

So we have our Loon Hot Box to keep the flies of the moment ready at hand but what should we fill it with? With the season closing in to an end and the winter chill growing, trout behaviour changes as they get on the move. They need some incentive to eat and won’t move too far to do so, therefore we need eye catching fly designs which will get down, fast.

Over the next while we will be showcasing the new 2020 additions to the Manic Fly Collection but here and now is what I’m personally packing this week.

The Tungsten Stealth BB is a no brainer for your everyday rig. It’s what the trout want.

The Double Trouble Red CDC Flash just gets deep fast, catches the eye and is a favourite late season go get em, late season bomb.

The Two Bit Hooker as previously blogged is an anytime killer, but especially now when fish need a slim, subtle flash, heavy small nymph.

The Jiggy Duracell Brown is not only a late season nymph, but an all round alternative to the typical gold beadhead that fish see far too many of.

The Hot Spot Czech Nymph Pink is a great late season trailer, or fished on its own along slower margins. #pinkisgood

And finally, as there is one empty compartment in my hotbox the Sheriks Crawler Harness in Blood Red needs inclusion. Don’t ask, just fish it!

Stay tuned for more new flies to revolutionise your winter.