Friday Fly Day Early Season Top 10 - #7 Wee Wets

New to the Manic Fly Collection are these neat little wee wets and now is a great time to be getting them out and about. The insects will be really moving about now with sunny days becoming more frequent and a wee wet fished across and down will imitate a mayfly heading for the surface to hatch and fly away, all going well for the mayfly that is. Fished with a very, very small indicator is a good way to go as the takes can be very subtle and allows you to introduce a section of dead drift before the swing kicks off. Otherwise a very slow retrieve, just enough to stay in contact, will help to feel takes. Either way it's a fun and classic technique to fish when you feel like doing something a little bit different to your usual dry dropper or indicator rig.

Wee Wet Dad's Favourite

Wee Wet Black & Peacock

Wee Wet Hare's Ears

Wee Wet Mallard & Claret

Wee Wet Sooty Olive