Manic Monday - You can't win them all!

It's still early in the Tauranga Harbour kingfish season but I was lucky enough to get an invite out with Capt. Lucas Allen of Kingtide Salt Fly guiding and the Big Angry Fish fly guy, Nik Mathieson, to see what we could rustle up in a perfect weather window. Long story short it was a tough but enjoyable day with a couple of shots at some good fish but no eats, probably angler ineptitude. A Scott Meridian 8'10" #10 two piece with Hatch 9+ and Airflo Coldwater Intermediate was the set up of choice. The black rays were completely absent which made it very difficult to get a lock on some greenbacks but hey, you can't win them all and it just fuels the froth for getting back out there. Cheers guys for an epic day! And if this sounds like something you might be interested in then Lucas from Kingtide Salt Fly guiding is the guy to talk to.