Friday Fly Day - Brighten up your Day

As sleet falls on a miserable day outside you can’t help but look for something to brighten up your day. Well guess what? This often lifts the mood for trout too.

When temperatures drop and fish stay close to home, on dull, low light days and even over pressured fish, the same old, same old smaller olive, black or brown streamers just may not have that ‘eat me’ appeal.

That’s where the funky stuff comes into play. It pays to have a few flashy patterns under your belt and switch them out often, and don’t forget to mix up your retrieve! Faster, slower, shallower or deeper, smooth or with ‘come get me’ movement. The fish are there - you just have to move them!

Berry's Fish Movers are full of pull, with a collar oozing movement and designed to push water. I run the Orange in clearer water and Chartreuse in low light. These are bigger flies so step up the grain weight and loop on that T-tip.

Berry's Fish Mover Orange

Berry's Fish Mover Chartreuse

Vokeys Sugar Pop. With no weight in the form of a bead or dumbbell eyes to these flies, their neutral buoyancy gives them a lot of movement when swung on a longer leader behind your heavier sink tip, or a shorter trace on a lighter tip in shallower water. In either chartreuse or a kingfish blue and sporting movement packed into a tight profile, these flies get noticed.


Vokey's Sugar Pop

Vokey's Sugar Pop Chartreuse

The Prom Dress. Scott Howell knows how to pull fish and so does the flashy, slinky Prom Dress. These are my initial ‘go to’ when things are slow, on dull light days or early morning/late evening conditions.

AJ's Prom Dress