Friday Fly Day - Breaking out the worm

Rivers are slowly dropping after the effects of Cyclone Gita and while trout will be finicky, they will still eat. Of course a big ‘movement style’ streamer such as Galloups TA bunker will push water with its prominent head, and pull fish from cover with its uber enticing movement they won’t always want to chase.

Galloups TA Bunker

In these cases, a big bloodworm (red winged caddis for those inclined) worked methodically along the banks and across the drop offs can be gold. So let me introduce the Vladi Worm...

Vladi Worm

Big, bright and super wiggly, this is sure to grab attention.

Need more weight? Then reach for Deep Soft Weight by Loon, an environmentally friendly tungsten putty and don’t forget to trail your worm closely with a smaller, rubber legged or soft hackle nymph. The fish won’t always want the worm, but it will get them looking in the right direction.