Advanced Willow Grubbing

So while it's now autumn in the South, willow grubbing has come into its own. Recent (finally) hot weather has cicada on the wing in the high country and willow grubs dropping in the lowland. Being late in the season, yet relatively early in the grub fall the fish are more finicky than usual so here are a few tips from Dore to get you hooked up...

* You NEED to drop the fly accurately, close enough so the fish sees the drop of your fly... it's this movement they need to see to lock on.

Manic Willow Grub

* Today most grubbing fish took on a sunken presentation. Manic CDC willow grubs sunk with saliva got fish to eat after numerous presentations. Get below the film...

Loon Snake River Mud

* Loon Snake River Mud made all the difference, both in dulling the tippet and sinking /removing shadow from the nylon in the surface.

Trouthunter Co-polymer

* Trouthunter nylon, bring super thin and supple had our flies drifting how they needed to drift, and held when it needed to.. if you don't fish it, you're missing out

So don't write off terrestrial action just yet. Stock up that grub box and get amongst!