Chris and Gareth on Gink and Gas

Queenstown Guide Chris Dore and Airflo's main man Gareth Jones have both published a couple of cool posts on Gink and Gasoline our favourite fly fishing blog.

Here's a bit from Chris's post "The three things I consider when confronted by a nymphing fish or an orgasmic piece of trout water here in New Zealand, are size, color and weight".

Chris dore fly fishing guide talks nymphing in New Zealand

Here's a bit from Gareth's post "To be successful fly fishing on Stillwater, you really need to develop a sixth sense for what is happening below the surface. To help me, I constantly imagine that a fish is following my fly and I truly expect a hit on each and every cast. Doing so, when I get a hit, I’m not surprised and i tend to not miss very many strikes".

Gareth jones stillwater fly fishing tips

Our mate Gareth jones from Airflo is one of the worlds leading authorities in stillwater fly fishing.......actually he's one of those annoying guys who can catch fish anywhere.

If you haven't found the links yet, click HERE for Chris's post, or HERE for Gareth's.