Change Of Guard At Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters

Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters is an Ozzie saltwater fly guiding institution and has become a legendary crew of salty, skiffy blokes under the command of one Dave “Dingo” Bradley.

Recently it came time for Dave to hang up the push pole and hand over the reins to some new blood. Not one to accept any old captain to take over, it was always going to be someone from his tight crew with legitimate saltwater fly cred.

Having kicked into guiding full time early 2020, AFO guide, Rodney Collings had a feeling he was going end up at the helm of the Maverick skiff - and with an ongoing background conversation with Dave, the boys sat down, made the deal and now Rodney is the main man, while Dave is off retiring disgracefully.

AFO Skiff


Growing up in a fishing family in Perth, Rodney was out surf fishing from a very young age, so it’s natural that fishing and hunting is in his DNA. Keen to make things as difficult as possible for himself in his outdoor pursuits, Rodney saw that fly fishing and bowhunting were for him in the early 2000’s and quickly learned these dark arts through a great bunch of Mackay mates.

Rodney Collings Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters

This quickly led to a life chasing fly fishing dreams around locations like Townsville, the Whitsundays, and of course, Hinchinbrook, for the last 20 odd years – with a particular appetite for stalking and sight fishing saltwater flats.

Having competed in the legendary AFO Hinchinbrook Challenge since 2004 it only makes sense that he’s now an integral part of the committee that runs the event, and even more so now that he’s leading the charge at Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters.


Other than not having Dave swear at you when you blow a cast, not much is going to change. Gifts of rum will be still much appreciated and the premier Australian flats saltwater fly experience will continue on much the same.

With the best tides of each month Rodney will be offering five day bookings to really maximise your chances of getting into those sneaky Permit around the Hinchinbrook channel, with the estuary also offering up lots of varied species potential like Barramundi. Endless species are available in the region from freshwater Sooty Grunter to Coral Trout on the reef, and everything that can be found in shallow water in between.

Rodney Collings Saltwater Fly Fishing

Hinchinbrook is truly a saltwater fly paradise, with numerous boxes to tick and great people to do it with, so even though Dave has moved on to more relaxing things, you know the skiff is in safe hands with Rodney at the helm.

Now, stop mucking about and just book your trip.


Tailing loops, bad knots, and trout strikes on kingfish are part of Chris' ever-growing repertoire of fly fishing skills. Thankfully he makes up for it by being ok at some other stuff that we find useful from time to time.