Can we get excited about flies?

Ok we have to admit but we're getting relly excited about a bunch of our new fly patterns that are coming out this year. Here is a sneak peak at a few of them. To see the full range check out our fly pages HERE.

Simons Iron Miaden fly

Simon Chu's new Iron Maidens are like no others, these little douboe tungsten nymphs are all synthetic and tied slim so they sink like a stone even in the little #16 size. In three colours, with a couple of safe options but this is still our favourite the red and green.

technical dry flies, cdc dry flies, caddis patterns

Manic has become well known for technical dry flies so here is a new CDC flat back caddis to add to the range. super low riding and light weight, this is a great technical dry for difficult fish.

Muz Wilsons wee creek hopper

We're proud to be including a bunch of Australian patterns into this years range from a few of our Aussie mates. This one is Muz Wilsons wee creek hopper. It's nice and slim so it's easy to cast, it always lands perfectly on the water and it's easy to see. What more could you ask for?