Beware Wellington trout, Andrew Harding is back!

Andrew Harding is out amongst his local streams for the first time this season. Look out fish!
"A very delayed opening for me (by a month!) due to work and family commitments saw Dan and I shoot into the hills above Wellington for the day yesterday. With high river levels, crossings were dodgy and In typical Wellington style, the day started with sun and ended with rain… What was encouraging was that out of the 10 fish hooked, 8 were on dry fly (#12 Manic Royall Wulff Blacks). So for early in the season, the fish are very eager to come to the surface, they were also in great condition which is unusual for the start of the season here, and bodes well for the months ahead. These 4-6lb fish will be 6-7lb fish come Cicada time.
One interesting facet we have found over the years with fishing the Tararua ranges rivers and streams is that where there is a large slip or grassed area… think DEER! We often change to the Manic Humpy Blue Bottles or the Royall Wulff Blacks, as in general hunters will bone out deer carcasses on such flats, near the water, this attracting blow flies in droves and subsequently the trout in the immediate vicinity really get a hankering for large, dark blowfly pattern flies! Give it a try next time, you may be pleasantly surprised! - Andrew."