Belinda Thomas reviews the G4 Pro Hip Pack

Truth is I’m fully capable of packing my fishing bags the same way I pack my hand bags. Everything I could ever want and a few extras, just in case, get chucked in as well. To that end I’m really happy and impressed and mission fully accomplished with the Simms G4 Pro hip pack. You can stash a surprising amount of kit in there. And when you’re walking and wading and fishing and a long way from anywhere thats really handy. What I liked most was the organisation.

Lots of pockets and compartments that suit a super organised (anally retentive) angler like me. Big thumbs up to the zippers too. They open a ‘lid’ so you can get right in, and better than that you can do so with one hand, so no having to put your rod/fish/drink down. Being Simms it’s super tech with lots of straps and adjustments.

Being me I really didn’t use them a lot, and kept it simple. Nice to have the choice though. The belt is really comfy, and has a couple of pockets on it that were incredibly useful (for tippet, sunblock and lens cleaner mainly). And finally, the sleeve underneath for keeping a bottle handy, pure genius.

We have the full range of Simms G4 Pro pack at Totally Fly so swing past and check them out or have a nosy online!