C&F Fly Fishing Chest Box

A thin fly case type fly patch suitable for storing thin flies such as nymphs and midges.

One side is a flat magnet that easily accommodates lightweight immersion patterns such as WD-40 and RS-2.

Micro slit foam is available for storing heavy bead heads and patterns.

With a thickness of 18 mm, the ultra-thin chest fly patch does not add bulk to the chest area of ​​a fishing shirt.

  • A fly box that can be attached to a fishing shirt or vest.
  • Built-in magnet makes it easy to store used flies.
  • Size: H108×W74×D18
  • Weight: 41g Weight

        C&F DESIGN started in 1993 as part of Yonenoi Design which is an industrial design firm in Japan. Currently it operates sales, manufacturing, and export of C&F Design products, and the distribution of various fly tackle brands in Japan. C&F products are unique in form and function and are manufactured in Japan to the highest quality standards. C&F Design exports to over 30 countries and anglers enjoy their products all over the world.

        C & F Design's unique products are the result of years of development in the lab and on the water, and it's taken refinement by Japanese designers to create fly boxes, fly fishing accessories, and fly tying tools with such exceptional functionality.

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