Where to fly fish this Christmas

Christmas holidays will see more people hitting the rivers as always. There's nothing wrong with that, except if you're into finding a secluded spot then in that case you may need to work a little harder.

I just took yesterday off with friend of mine Mike Davis from Rotorua Hunting and Fishing. We managed to pick up a few nice fish which you'll see in the pics below. But what I spent the whole day thinking about is how do you really get the most of this sport when you only get a few chances a year to fish.

Mike davis New Zealand Rainbow Trout Guide North Island Rotorua Taupo

I guess the key things from my point of veiw to think about are.

1. Make sure you get some good advice about where to go. Local tackle stores are a good start, if you're in rotorua I'd recommend popping in to see Mike in Hunting and Fishing. The fact is different fisheries fish best at differnt times during the year. So getting the right advice on where to go is key.

scott rods, mike davis trophy rainbow trout new zealand guide fishing fly cast

2. Get good advice on your tackle. Fishign tackle is expensive, so again find a store who you trust and who know what they are talking about. Ask them, do you fish there? When was the last time you were there? If they are out there and doing it like Mike then you know you're getting the right advice.

fly casting new zealand casting instructor trophy trout guides fishing

3. Take your time to think about what you are doing. Fly fishing is a skillful sport, so if you haven't fished in a while take some time to think about what you are doing, remember to slow your casting down and work on your timing and keeping your wrist firm.

Rene Vaz rainbow trout New Zealand trophy fishing guide north island

4. Try and go the extra mile. Don't just settle for fishing spots that you can simply drive to or that you've been to before. Find ones taht take that extra bit of effort and you'll not only avoid the crowds but you'll no doubt find a bunch of fish that haven't been pestered.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Manic and enjoy your fishing.