What's My Rig? Erhan Cinar

Erhan Cinar is no stranger to the trout in both his home country, and the South Island of NZ where he visits frequently. Check him out over on his facebook page, Pro Fly Australia to see what they're all about.

The Goulburn River Backwaters are a favourite haunt of Erhan's so we asked him about his 'go to' kit...

Rod: Scott Radian 5wt 9ft

Reel: Lamson Vanquish 2.0

The Lowdown: The Goulburn river can be very unforgiving and having the right gear is critical, particularly when fishing for some of its backwater beasts.

Fishing for these backwater fish I use the 905 Radian as due to its power, touch and accuracy the rod delivers like no other. Most fish are 2-3 rod lengths away so bow n arrow casts or short roll casts come into play and the radian nails it every time.

Hooking up at close range can turn into a nightmare as I've seen rods snap from the aggressive takes but the radian absorbs it well and from the get go you can really put some hurt on the fish to start the battle in your favour.

Having a good drag system is also a must that's why I use a Lamson Vanquish 2.0 to deal with these backwater beauty's. It also balances my setup nicely for these short but accurate fishing techniques.