What's My Rig? Chris Dore

Chris Dore is a Queenstown based fly fishing guide and certified casting instructor who spends much of his time chasing the hatches on the internationally renowned, Mataura River, and other 'match the hatch' dry fly streams of the Southland region.

Chris Dore, Queenstown, www.chrisdore.com

Rod: Scott 8'8" 5wt G Series

Reel: Lamson Guru S

Line: Airflo SuperFlo Tactical

The Lowdown: short to mid range presentations with long, light leaders to the choosiest of trout is the norm on the Mataura and so the above rig reflects this. The 885 G2 is such a smooth stick delivering pin point precision and a delicate drop, and loaded with the 5wt elite delivers a controlled dry fly or nymph presentation when it counts. The soft tip absorbs the strike on light nylon with small flies but can still control iron maidens and other 'junk' when called for. You don't want stiff, fast and aggressive when the fish is in the foam 3 rod lengths away, yet you need to both turn over your 12' + leader, and protect the 5x. The Elite is the ultimate presentation taper and the Superdri technology ensures each pickup glides off the water quietly, with minimal disturbance.