The Updated Tongariro Roll Cast Line | Airflo SuperFlo Fly Lines

A quick recap on why the Airflo TRC line exists

When it comes to explaining the physics behind the Tongariro Roll Cast you’ll commonly hear the phrase “it takes mass to move mass”, because if we lose energy or blow our anchor the cast quickly collapses on itself and that’s no fun.

In the past to maintain the energy throughout this complex roll cast we tended to fish two line weights heavier that the rod we were using in order to load the rod deeply while still retaining the energy in the large D loop.

At the time trying to find a single hand line that was ideal for this purpose was difficult to source as there weren’t a lot of other local applications for this style of line, and even then they still weren’t ideal tapers for this style of adapted spey cast.

TRC enthusiasts either had to make do, or make their own, until we decided it was time to get it right once and for all.

Working very closely with the product development team at Airflo we custom created for New Zealand the Airflo SuperFlo Tongariro Roll Cast specific taper that allows us to precisely distribute the mass throughout the line where we need it most, and with the thinnest running line possible for maximum shootability.

That line was pretty awesome and a bit of a gamechanger, but we knew we could make it better. So we did.

So, what’s new about the Airflo SuperFlo TRC fly line?

The latest Airflo SuperFlo TRC Fly Line


When you’ve got a guy on the team like Kyle Adams who has Einstein like fishing smarts you’re always going to get well thought through and considered feedback on product, so after a bit more time on the water playing around with the line it was decided that it could do with a couple of subtle tweaks to the taper.

Airflo SuperFlo TRC Taper

First up was making the rear taper slightly longer to aid in mending, which is a key aspect to success nymphing big water like the Tongariro. And secondly we’ve just refined the front taper a touch to help with loop stability. So what you end up with is a line that mends really, really well and casts just how you want it to.


Once the D loop is set it’s time to send the cast and fire your line to the other bank, but if your running line isn’t up to scratch then you’ll be wasting all of that good work you’ve put into the cast and you’ll come up short. New manufacturing methods at Airflo are allowing them to make running lines the diameter we never dreamed possible, so we’re taking advantage of this seismic shift in fly line technology and applying it to the TRC. Once that rear taper is out of the guides and we’re into the super thin running line there’s no holding the Tongariro Roll Cast back.


Another new technological advance out of the product team at Airflo is the SuperFlo coating formulation and this isn’t just about improved slickness through the guides.

Buoyancy is massively improved which not only helps with mending at long distance but pulls lines out of the water easier which is key in a cast like the TRC where we tend to be working in currents and swirls that have a habit of really grabbing line and not letting go.

Line compression through the guides under load is also minimalised so that means easier shooting lines that will last much, much longer.


Finally, it might seem like a minor cosmetic update but there has been a lot of thought put into the fly line colour for the TRC line and specifically the Taupo fishery.

The new Heron Blue head is still subtle and blends in well overhead from the trout’s point of view but it pops really well on the water’s surface so we have a better idea of where the line is in relation to swirls and currents so we can mend where needed.

A clear transition into the orange running line makes it crystal clear that we’re in the optimum zone for casting with the head in the right position as well as slipping line for the cast set up.

Visual cues account for getting a lot of steps in this cast just right so we’ve made it all the easier for you to not only get the TRC out there but also fish it well.

The new, updated Airflo SuperFlo Tongariro Roll Cast line is hitting the shelves as we speak, so if you’re due for an upgrade, or keen to learn the TRC then there’s never been a better tool for you to get out there and give it a go.