How to Spey Cast & Spey Fishing Tips - The Manic Guide To Spey Part Two

Ok so you've checked part one of the Manic Guide To Spey where Chris Dore runs through the basics of gear you'll need and how to set it all up. 

Now we're hitting the fun part of the spey process, casting and fishing. In this video Chris runs through some theory around the spey cast, breaks the cast down into a few simple steps, and then pulls it all together to show you just how easy two handed casting can be to execute.

Rene Vaz's Intro To Spey Part One & Intro To Spey Part Two are also two pieces of written content well worth spending a little bit of time as the reinforce the learnings in the video and covers off a few more areas of interest for two handed fly fishing.

We believe this line up of videos and articles around how to learn to fish spey / two handers is a comprehensive starting point from some of the best in the business, and is just what you need to hit the ground running.