The Manic Guide To Saltwater Fly Fishing In Auckland

Most people just assume there aren't a lot of fly fishing opportunities up for grabs in Auckland other than fishing amongst the shopping trolleys in Lake Pupuke, but as soon as you set your sights on the salty stuff much, much more is revealed. 

We love getting out in the Hauraki Gulf with a fly rod in hand in search of kingfish, kahawai, and snapper - and with different saltwater fly fishing seasons offering up new ways to find and target each species, you're never short of a chance at hooking up to some very nice fish.

So we thought it was about time for a little bit more info on how to pick the right saltwater fly gear, rig it up easily, and keep the methods simple for targeting these staple, Hauraki Gulf saltwater fly species. 


In this video Rene Vaz covers off everything from picking a saltwater fly rod, fly fishing for anchovy chasing kahawai, through to targeting shallow water snapper with bonefish flies. 

And of course we look at how to use saltwater fly tactics for kingfish on the Auckland channel markers, which is one of our favourite things to do.

Check it out, ask a few questions in the comments section, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more fly fishing video content.


Tailing loops, bad knots, and trout strikes on kingfish are part of Chris Sharland's ever-growing repertoire of fly fishing skills. Thankfully he makes up for it by being ok at some other stuff that we find useful from time to time.