The BWC flies C&F Universal System Journey

Brett and Cherie at BWC flies quite obviously have their fair share of patterns that need organising, and recently they have undertaken the process of switching over to the new, super handy, C&F Design Universal System.

This is their journey.


We’ve located most of our fly boxes that currently store Trout dries, nymphs, streamers, Carp flies, and Bass streamers. The C&F case from Manic Tackle Project that we have selected to make the transition is the CF5016 16 Trout Guide Boat Box. The set-up is appropriate to our needs for this part of our fly collection with 16 foams inserts comprising of small and medium sizes.

A good array of foam configurations are included; Streamer, Midge, Attractor and Standard which will suit our storage needs. The next step is to start moving the flies under a fresh roof. We’ve brought this process to the shop where the work will be done around usual store activities. Stay tuned.

C&F Design Universal System gear


Cleaning out the Spoon draw was next up as part of the fly consolidation into the Trout Guide 5016 Case from C&F. As most of my Spoon fly collection features a single sprag guard, I opted to slot these in to the streamer foams as the structure guard can be stored neatly within the foam slits and therefore lowering the height profile of the pattern.

Staggering them through the medium sized streamer foam insert maximises the space. Another old fly box bites the dust.

 C&F Design System


An integral part is of our refreshed fly storage system is the C&F Universal System Fly Patch. A quick changeover from a Luderick Weed flies System Foam insert to pre filled Trout Stream selection. Conveniently carried around the neck with an adjustable lanyard has our next outing go-tos at the ready.

 C&F Universal system BWCflies


Pop out , clip in and go. Selecting flies for our Trout session was pretty simple. C&F foams full of well organised patterns that covered off dries, nymphs, euro and worms made selection so much more efficient. Four cases were carried with us, two small and two medium with matching Foams. Neatly packed away in to the Simms Freestone Sling left enough room for an extra water bottle and a snake bite kit.

C&F universal foam sleeves


Fly sorting is done. For the first time that I can recall, I have never felt so organised when it comes the fly storage. Thanks to the new C&F Guide Case and foam system fly cases our Trout dries, streamers, hoppers, nymphs, worms, carp, spoons, micro changers and small Bass wets are co-ordinated and ready to go whenever or wherever we are headed for the next session or road trip.

Don’t bother counting the flies, there’s still a mile of room to keep filling if required. What I really like is after our last Trout session, lost flies were easily replenished in to the missing slots.

For a bulk amount of flies, the guide case is actually quite compact. There was a significant purge of patterns that hadn’t touched water in decades and yet they still made it through the packing preparation, carried around and travelled back home to be stored on the shelf. There was a moment late last season where I’d left the zip open on my sling, swung it around the shoulder and nine assorted fly boxes shot out and landed in the long grass. I knew then that something had to change.

What we have ended up with is the Guide 5016 case, two small cases, two medium cases and two small sized Universal Fly Patches. The mix of Midge, Standard, Streamer and Attractor Foams throughout gives us the versatility to choose an appropriate selection of flies for both Cherie and myself.

C&F Design boxes BWC flies

The journey has created a lot of interest and discussion in the shop. Newcomers to the Fly can see the benefit and starting off on the right path with a piece or two from the system and some who also struggled with an efficient storage structure are making early changes to prepare for this platform.

I suppose, the only thing to do now is to start on our salt collection….