Techy Thursdays - Yellowstone 5 Weight Shootout Results

The Scott Radian continues to impress recently taking the #2 spot (only just pipped mind you) in the always popular and referenced Yellowstone Angler 5wt Shootout. Up against 28 rods from all the big names out there we're very stoked to see how this rod measures up across the board and scores a full point rating for "Fun to fish, got to have", which is what it's all about right?

For the full results click here, and the Scott Radian wrap up is is below.

"We knew shortly after pulling Scotts new Radian out of the box that it was going to be a great rod. They got the action just right – fast with a more flexible tip. Scott fans are going to love this rod. Not only does it perform well, but this is one of the most handsome rods we’ve seen. The handle and reel seat jump out at you and beg you to pick this rod off the rack for a wiggle. The handle shape is basically a half wells, but not a standard one. This one has the swell well forward of the middle of the handle. In my hand it feels great. Then the reel seat is a very attractive black aluminum skeleton uplocking seat with a gorgeous reddish burled wood insert. The blank follows Scott’s tradition of giving us an un-sanded blank showing the tape wraps and then finishing the rod with a clear epoxy finish, giving us the natural dark graphite grey color. Wraps are a dark gray, but at the ferrules and in the butt, they are also trimmed with an attractive narrow orange trim wrap and then medium gray trim at the end of the wrap. Classy. The guides are a pretty much the standard set up with one Sic stripping guide and the rest hard chrome snake guides.

One touch I love are inch measuring marks at 12 inches and 20 inches. I wish more manufacturers would give us these. I’ve often done this to my own rods as it is nice to know that trout was over 18, or over 20 inches. I’d be happy with just one measuring mark at 20 inches. They have that 12 inch mark for anglers in the East. Ha,ha.

In performance, I rated the Radian just a bit lower than the NRX LP at short range for feel and accuracy, but at 45 feet they were both outstanding and got the only perfect scores for that all important mid-range distance. The Radian is totally solid at long range too, throwing beautiful tight loops with very good accuracy. Here’s another rod that will go yards with little effort with an expert caster at the controls."