Techy Thursdays - Winter Edgewater Advice

Here Phil fishes the shallows the easiest way: by not wading out to his thigh... Over the colder months and in times of increased flow, trout will hunt out the softer, slower and shallower edge waters away from the main flow.

If you want to catch fish along these edges, start by not wading through them. Use lighter tips and longer leaders to allow you to cover the softer water, and guide your swing right into the beach with your rod tip. An unweighted, or plastic bead pattern swung in on an intermediate polyleader and an unobtrusive head such as the Airflo Scandi Compact will yield far better results in flat, or softer water than your heavier skagit switch.

Keep your line short to better control your swing, casting only just beyond the seam into the faster water and spend time working your fly through the transition zone under control, and into the soft water. Be sure to lead your swing right into the beach and remember than when the end of your line finish's its swing, 15 or so feet further along your fly is still working through the water: maintain contact and stay sharp.

As browns return from their spawning grounds these edge waters will come alive over the coming months... Work them well and make the most of our late winter opportunities.