Techy Thursdays - Tippet Tech-Lessons from Colorado USA

A tricky lake edge brown taken using Trouthunter flouro.

On recent return form the 2015 Youth World Fly Fishing Championships, my attention to tippet has been of great importance. Colorado was riddled with pressured fish. A call for light tippet, light rods and small flies was the key to getting the job done.

New Zealand can be, and often is the same. We all have those days when fish are on edge, flows maybe low or times like now when some rivers have had the mad rush of opening anglers. You will have days where fish won't seem to play ball. Here's some fish karma for next time it gets real on your local water:

1. Start thinking in tippet diameter. This gives you a reference so you know what diameter works where and when. The finer the tippet, the more natural your fly looks and the more takes you will get. Just remember that you also want to put that big bad boy in the net, so only use as fine as you can get away with.

2. Always have a good range of tippet spools on you. When its tough I have 0.12-0.18mm. Fine enough for tiny dries and nymphs and heavy enough if I want to throw some meat in a deep pool.

3. Fine tippet allows you to use smaller and smaller flies, its a double wammy. Fish dont want size 16's on thick rope. Key thing to remember is tippet diameter to fly size is proportional.

4. Trouthunter and Airflo Sightfree G3 are all I use now. These tiptop tippets are avaliable in a wide variety of diameters. Tried,true and tested.

5. Experiment. Have fun.