Techy Thursdays - The trout don't care

So, been practicing your casting over winter? No you haven't... October is only a month away so heres what you should do:

*Pick up and lay down with rod hand only at targets set to 20', 30' and 40'

*Feel good? Now repeat the above off the opposite shoulder.

*Now roll cast at the same targets.

*You guessed it: repeat your roll cast at the targets from your off shoulder.

(Missing the targets? Probably because you aren't casting a Scott Radian. Remedy this immediately!)

*Now add in the haul. Pitch overhead at the same targets and watch that added line speed deliver.

*Now fire at that target at 50' (come on: try for 60'... You now have a Radian... You know you want to)

Repeat this easy 15 minute routine 2 - 3 times per week between now and opening and I guarantee you wont be as rusty as you would have been on that first fish if you hadn't. The trout don't care if you haven't picked up a rod in 5 months. Toughen up sweetheart.