Techy Thursdays - Look In The Weed, Man

Muzz Wilson supplies us with some words of wisdom for todays Techy Thursday. He's not the tallest bloke on the planet but a towering personality. You just need to meet him to understand what we mean.


I guess some fisherman have yet to work out the easiest fish to catch is a hungry one and the best place to find a hungry fish is where the food is.

When we are hungry we head straight for the fridge and if that is bare we then go to the corner store or supermarket. Fish do not have the luxury of fridges or stores so when they get a touch of the nibbles they head straight to where the food lives and in a lot of cases this is the weed beds. The weed offers both cover and protection to a lot of the fish’s food.

So if the easiest fish to catch is a hungry one and hungry fish hang around weed beds it would make sense to concentrate your fishing in and around the weed as well.

However a lot of fishers avoid the weed like the plague and when you ask them they say ‘what’s the point of fishing there as soon as you hook a fish it will bury you in the weed and get off’, well yes it might, but if you don’t hook it in the first place no matter how good you are you will never land it.

So if you arrive at a new location a good starting point is around the weed. Fish in the holes and channels no matter how small and with a bit of luck when the line tightens you may just land the fish of a lifetime and in years to come the stories will grow to where you didn’t just extract it from the weeds it was more like you had to chainsaw yourself a passage through blackberries and brambles.