Techy Thursdays - Gink & Gasoline dissect the Scott Meridian


IMAGE: Gink & Gasoline

We love the Gink & Gasoline blog because they are impartial, know their shit and have a wealth of knowledge to share with the world on all things fly fishing. Recently they posted an article on the new Scott Meridian that we just had to share because of gems like this:

"How do you make a fly rod that has the power of an ultra-fast action saltwater casting machine and the soul of a trout rod? I wish I knew, but clearly Jim does. We saw it in the Radian and now we see it perfected in the Meridian. Speed with feel. Power, line speed, tight loops, line pickup and wind-defying performance, minus the stinging muscles and sore joints."

...and this:

"A quick look at the models chart tells you more about the design of the rod. The Meridian is offered in 2, 3 and 4 pieces, ranging in weights from 6 to 15 and lengths of 8’4?, 8’10” and 9’0?. There is no standard that these rods have been forced into. Clearly each taper has been tested, retested and perfected. Everything about the Meridian tells me that this rod was slaved over. This is not just next year’s model, it’s someone’s baby."