Techy Thursdays - Chris Dore's pre-season tune ups S01E01

So October is almost upon us and we have the latest gear from Manic, our boxes full of our favourite flies and we are ready to go! Just try and stop us! However it's no use having all the gear then dropping it where the fish simply aren't.

PHOTO: Jakub Kanok

Tip from Chris: fish your feet in October!

Water temps are still cool and there's a lot of snow still on them thar hills and whilst the fish are in good nick, they're still getting over winter.

Target the resting water: I'm talking about those calf / thigh deep slacker edges, the drop offs into pools, backwaters and the like. Spots where big fish can sit but not use too much energy.

I find larger, lighter weight morsels such as creepers, stoneflies etc make great early season nymphs, along with the traditional offerings of hares ears and PT variants.

Fish them large, and light to avoid hanging up / disturbing the edge waters on the drop but always have some tungsten or deep soft weight on hand for when a drop is needed in the flow.

You're welcome :)

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