Techy Thursdays - Backhand

Been practicing your overhead cast off your opposite shoulder? No you haven't... Check this
There are multiple reasons to cast off your opposite shoulder (left shoulder for a right hander or right shoulder for a leftie):
- the wind blowing into your casting arm
- to avoid backcast obstructions
- when pitching to fish tight into shore
- to change the lay of your line across the current
- to facilitate a negative curl presentation
Many are taught to bring their rod hand across to the opposite ear, or to canter the wrist awkwardly to bring the rod tip across the centre point of their torso, however I find most anglers find this uncomfortable to perform repeatedly as ligaments / muscles are forced to perform in a twisted state. Tracking, power application and timing within the stroke goes out the window fast, and if you cant make the cast, you wont catch the fish...
Instead, try simply bringing the rod hand to the middle of your forehead. Your hand is now only several inches to a foot off a path you know and already perform comfortably and very little changes within your stroke. Cock your elbow out for a little more angle if required.
The rod tip, hence line is now travelling along the opposite side of your body with the added bonus that if you tilt your Backcast back too far you clock yourself in the schnoz. You can also track straight along your line of sight.
You're welcome!