Techy Thursdays - Airflo Fly Lines at the Science Museum

Airflo has always done a great job of creating and improving on flylines and Ridgeline is the flagship technology that is best associated with their efforts. The London Science Museum seems to think it's pretty cool too and have put it on display next to what looks like Morks spaceship. We can't speculate on how the two might be related but head over and have a look for yourself.

Here's a bit of a speil on what how Ridgeline was created:

"Ex-racing driver and Airflo Pro Staffer, Masahara Katsumata is always looking for an edge so when he suggested we look at tyre technology for the next development in flylines it really had us excited. We had a good hunch what the effect of running ridges along the entire line would have on reducing friction and improving shootability – needless to say Masa was right.
The concept is simplicity itself - it’s unique ridged design reduces the surface area in contact with the rod guides, consequently friction levels are vastly improved compared to any regular round flyline."

And here's a great video on the origin of Airflo which gives us some insight into the ongoing commitment they have to pushing and creating technologies. The recent Super-Dri lines are testament to this.