Techy Thursday - Turning the odds...

Hmm. Not easy conditions to find success in!

My tips for super bright, glassy conditions:

1 - Avoid wading at all costs. You don’t want to alert the fish. This is where your well practised, longer cast comes into play.

Wittle Wabbit Tan

Wittle Wabbit Tan

Cut Cat Lurex

2 - Fish smaller, more natural patterns with loads of built in movement as you won’t want to strip too fast / long. Wittle Wabbits, Cut Cat’s and smaller, softer matuka patterns fished on longer, lighter tippet on separate droppers in teams would be my go to.

3 - Fish a Airflo Clear Camo intermediate line so that it disappears into the surrounds and surface disturbance on the retrieve is minimised.

4 - Make your cast and then wait. Chances are the drop of your line may have spooked any fish in the vicinity, so let the water settle and give new fish a chance to move into range. Maintain contact with your flies however as your line slips through the column - some fish may be attracted to the drop.

5 - Make your retrieve with rod tip in the water to avoid tiny vibrations / disturbances across the surface with every pull. Employ a slow, smooth retrieve as fish are more likely to hit a static, or slow moving fly in glassy conditions.

And finally, remember your sun protection. Even though it’s still only September, the sun will still getcha!