Techy Thursday - Tips for Edgewater browns

There is something magical about stalking upstream, eyes wide open, gazing hopefully into every hole, pocket, seam and undercut and WAIT!!! Right there... a couple of rod lengths ahead just off the bank. Has he seen us? Get down!

Three reasons Why we love trout in the shallows

1. They are there to feed.

2. They can be easily approached. In shallow water, trout have a very small 'window of view' meaning they're less likely to see a careful approach

3. They're easily presented to. As with the above, leader and tippet will be less noticeable from the trouts position as their window is restricted. This doesn't mean, however that they're any less aware of vibrations / line drop, so don't count your chooks too soon: presentation is still king

Three tips when targeting trout in the shallows

1. Approach from an angle. Even with a small window of view, don't drop leader over them. Stay low. Learn to reach cast. These trout aren't stupid... So don't you be.

2. 'Noisy' presentations just on the edge / outside field of view will be felt / noticed and shallow water trout will often travel a long way to investigate. Very handy to bare in mind as a cicada / beetle / blowfly can pull fish across even if you don't think they could have seen the drop.With more subtle flies you may have to present and drift through a very small strike zone as they carry less presence... Then again, ALWAYS fish a fly while its on the water...

3. Play them hard: you have them near the bank already and in shallow water you have the upper hand: many shallow water trout, regardless of size can often be netted within seconds. Don't play them off a high rod tip: learn to use your rod and bring the more powerful butt section into play.

Chris Dore