Techy Thursday - Spey Casting & the 180 Degree Rule

A lot of budding spey casters get so caught up in the latest and greatest casts or fanging for distance, without understanding the most essential of casting fundamentals.

One of the most important fundamentals I teach is the 180 degree rule, where your D loop, anchor and forward cast should line up in a straight line with your target. This ensures an accurate, energy efficient, powerful cast which will hit the spot every time. Here are my fast 3 on how you can improve your set up...

1. Whether laying down a double spey, dropping a snap T or pulling around a single spey, make sure you bring the rod tip across enough to pop everything into alignment as you pull back into your D. Avoid the bloody L at all costs

2. “Simply pull back into your D loop in the direction you intend to send it back out.” This is a simple comment which immediately clicks with most clients.

3. Watch your D. As it’s lining up with your target, hit it.

Dores Bonus tip: simply slow down. If you rush your set up or move too quickly / powerfully into your D loop, chances are it will kick about, both introducing slack into the system and blowing out your alignment.