Techy Thursday - Sink Tip Refresher

It’s that time again when many rivers are closing, and the cooler weather pushes fish into the depths. As they start to focus on other things in life and stay closer to home on the riverbed, it’s time to dust off your heavier gear to get your fly right down into their living room.

This winter we are again running a range of sink tip options for swingers:

Image result for airflo salmon polyleaders


Salmon / steelhead weight 10’ & 14’ polyleaders are my trusted standby. With a 24lb core and ranging from floating through to extra super fast sinking. Great for swinging buggers and similar sized flies nearer the surface, or through shallower runs.

Airflo Custom Cut Tips


20’ custom cut tips come in 200, and 220gr, are looped at both ends and are simply a case of cutting to length and attaching your trace to both tips. 18’ custom cut tips offer a wider range of grain weights from T-7 through T-18 and are again simply cut to suit. It’s hard to go past a 10’ tip accompanied by an 8 footer to cover varied water.

Ariflo Flo Tip


Airflo Flo Tips are smooth casting, 10’ tips beginning with a two and a half foot intermediate butt section integrating into a T tip for depth. Easy to switch out, colour coded sleeves to quickly identify each tip, and offer much less kick than a straight chunk of T material on the end of that Compact Skagit.

For a more complete understanding of the finer points of sink tips and for those who roll their own, HERE IS A REFRESHER from the Manic files with everything you need to know.

Because its all about the swing baby!