Techy Thursday - Sending Bushy Dries

With a booming terrestrial season this year came the wind, and for many anglers, bushy dries and windy days become a chore. However, we have a few tips that YOU can use to help get that big bug out there where it needs to be.

  1. Slow down and pause that little longer for that wind resistant dry to turnover. Basic physics suggests that a bushy fly is going to move slower through the air than a smaller, more streamlined version, so pause that back cast to ensure your forward stroke begins under tension.
  2. Track straight. Ensure your back cast and forward cast align on a 180 degree, straight line path. You want parallel, efficient loops to ensure that every bit of energy from the rod is used to turn that big bug over.
  3. Lengthen that stroke. You will need to employ a longer stroke to remove all the slack from your cast, and to better accelerate that line. Think of it as a ball throw: on a short throw your hand only travels a short path. On a long throw your hand travels a much longer path to accelerate the ball.
  4. Stop. Accelerate to a crisp, complete stop to anchor that rod butt and allow the blank to unload. A lot of anglers slow their hand on the presentation cast believing it gives them a softer presentation... that may be true if they manage to turn the fly over and avoid the loop crashing onto the water...accelerate to a stop. Transfer that energy down to your fly and you will catch more fish.